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Our individual sessions are helpful you become whole, contented and rooted in yourself. Please contact us for more details.

Oceanic Aquafloating

Oceanic Aquafloating is one of the gentlest methods of aquatic therapy. It is a feminine, passive approach. Floating movements on the water surface and underwater can guide you into states of deep relaxation and stillness. In an Oceanic Aquafloating session you can learn how to melt and merge by expanding into the limitless. You can experience deep feelings of oneness and connectedness -- a state we experienced in our mother’s womb.

In Oceanic Aquafloating we meet life and death. By dissolving into both we transcend the polarity and the experience of eternity is revealed. Nothing is said, nothing is done, nothing is offered, but all is received….
In Oceanic Aquafloating you can have a taste of being one with the whole.
In an Oceanic Aquafloating session you dissolve the boundaries that you have created around yourself and expand into the limitless.
Through slow floating movements you are guided into a state of deep relaxation and silence. You move into a no-mind space. By becoming receptive, by absorbing and witnessing, you disengage from any pressures and slowly get in contact with your innermost emptiness. By allowing yourself to fall into this profound experience, which is far beyond life and death, all boundaries of separation dissolve. There is a letting go, a melting and a merging … simply and without any effort.
While floating you can experience the Tao of stillness and motion. Entering into this sacred space, you learn the art of enjoying your own subtle innermost life energy; a dialogue with the timeless and space-less develops.
Oceanic Aquafloating has its heart and soul in the sublime experience of yielding to the inevitable dance of the immortal nature. One enters into the harmonious oneness of all things.
Describing an Oceanic Aquafloating session is like talking about the taste of a very exquisite old French wine, its fragrance, its flavour, its bouquet ... a fruitless attempt to find words for the inexpressible.
Pranesh and his friend, Prana, developed Oceanic Aquafloating after working with humanistic growth processes, eastern meditation techniques and aquatic therapy for many years. They created it out of deep respect and gratitude. Their work covers three aspects; the known, the unknown and the unknowable.

They offer their work as one-hour individual sessions in a workshop lasting from two to five days, or as a training for people who would like to learn this wonderful technique. Pranesh is floating and teaching people in The Womb Meditation Center in Thailand; Prana does the same in Israel.

In addition to the basic movements of aquafloating, Pranesh and Prana teach people in a spontaneous way to follow their intuition and to respond to the moment. This creates a space for trust where the person feels seen and supported.

Session are given in The Womb Med. Center by Pranesh.
This a very deep process which requires preparation, ... an interview with Pranesh, a few days of meditations here at The Womb Med. Center beforehand and time afterwards for integration.

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